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Northern Diver

Company Profile

Slokkvitaekjathjonustan is one of the bigger companies in the Icelandic fire fighting business. Founded in 1995, it has since then bought and merged with other companies in the same or similar business, some of them with many decades of experience.
Slokkvitaekjathjonustan sells and services fire extinguishers, fire hoses, and related products. Our customers include individuals, blocks of apartments, small and large companies, fishing boats and ships, and public institutions such as schools and hospitals. We offer prices that have constantly been competitive but without sacrificing any standard in th quality of the products we sell or in customer care.
We also sell and service diving equipment, breathing apparatus for fire fighters, and emergency escape breathing apparatus. Our ambition is to offer diving equipment at better prices than has so far been possible in Iceland.
Building on many decades of experience in the fire fighting business our company has gained vast knowledge and experience. The product range is from fire blankets to complete fire suppression systems for ships and big companies. It has always been our goal to sell high quality products at competitive prices and offer professional service before and after sale.
We work in accordance with the standards of the Icelandic Fire Authority and the Icelandic Maritime Administration. We also work in accordance with international approvals from Det Norske Veritas and Lloyd's Register of Shipping.
Although we already have many high quality products from well known companies to offer, we are always interested in looking at new products to add to our range of brands.

Should you or your company want to get into contact with us our email address is kolsyra@kolsyra.is
Our telephone numbers are 354-564-1433 and 354-564-5660. Our fax number is 354-564-2650.

Our mailing address is:
Bakkabraut 16
200 Kopavogur
Sl÷kkvitŠka■jˇnustan ehf. - Bakkabraut 16, 200 Kˇpavogi - sÝmi: 564-1433 - fax: 564-2650 - email: kolsyra@kolsyra.is